Targeting 2019 Mumbai Marathon? Here’s what you can do

mumbai marathon

Running is a passion for many people and for some it’s a dream! If you’re planning for taking part in the 2019 Mumbai Marathon, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of what you can do to be prepared for the big running day. Let’s get started! Time to buckle yourselves up for the Mumbai Marathon 2019! Read on!

1) Be a part of the local running clubs

If you aren’t a part of any running club, the first thing you got to do is to be a member of any local club. Being a member not only helps you in getting the training done for your running but will also act as a platform where you can find people who’re also having the same aim like yours, thus making it easy for you to learn and perform.

2) Have a strength trainer

One of the most important things that a marathon runner need is a good strength! Better running comes with increased strength. So, no matter how strong you are, you must always have a strength trainer who’ll coach you for running more. Without a trainer, it becomes very hard to keep up the discipline that’s required to be a successful runner. You can also join clubs that have in-house strength trainers.

3) Be mentally prepared

When it comes to sports or running, it’s never only about the physical conditions of the body. Your mental health must also be strong. Running miles together and getting the Marathon medal is not an easy peg for everyone. It takes a great amount of commitment and dedication! So before you buckle up your shoes for running, ensure that you are mentally prepared for what you’re going to do. Don’t sign up for anything that’ll probably make you feel, “It wasn’t my cup of tea” at a later date!

4) Choose and practice on actual roads or challenging roads

Running on a treadmill is very different from running on an actual surface. If you condition your body to only run on the treadmills, it’ll become a great deal to run on the actually Marathon day on hard roads. Thus, it’s very important to practice running on challenging roads in order to feel prepared for the big day! It’s a great idea if you choose challenging roads and practice running there because once your body is trained with running on rougher roads, running the Mumbai Marathon 2019 will become much easier and you can rest assured that you can complete it with all the triumph and glory!

5) Have a partner for running

Studies have revealed that people tend to perform better and exercise better when they’ve partners. Having partners provides you a sense of togetherness which smoothens the journey for you. And together, we all achieve more right? So, if you have a partner, well and good. But if you cannot, you can always pick someone from your running club.

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