Why Runners Should Focus on Upper Body Strength

Upper Body Strength

It’s very unusual for runners to spend too much time on their upper body. And wait, why should a runner focus on the upper body strength? It’s only the legs that matter the most at the end of the day, right? Actually, NO. It doesn’t work that way. If you have a look at the Olympic runners, you’ll notice that they all have focused enough on their arms as much as they have on their toned legs. Their large biceps says it all! So don’t you think you’re missing out on something of you don’t pay more attention to the upper body part as a runner? Here are some reasons that’ll convince you to focus on your upper body strength if you’ve dreamt of making it big in your Marathon training. Ready… Steady.. Let’s go!

1) Strong forward propulsion

Weak upper torso makes it very difficult for runners after running 5 km to 6 km because the upper body isn’t providing the required thrust that’s required for speed running. Focusing more on the upper body gives you strong forward propulsion thus accelerating your running speed. The best way to strengthen your upper body is by having a workout module for upper body training. Push-ups are a must not just for warm-up but also for strengthens your core strength or the upper torso strength. Other exercises that aim at building the biceps and triceps can also be done to add extra strength to your upper body.

2) Efficient energy transfer

After running for a couple of miles, your legs would naturally fall weak and would want energy from other parts of the body. That’s exactly where the upper body strength comes into the picture. There’s an efficient transfer of energy from the upper torso to your legs if your upper body is maintained strong.

3) Arms provide optimal support your legs

The most important part of the body that needs to be strong for good running are your legs. Agreed! And what’s the support system for the legs? Weak arms will never let you run more than what you usually do. You can never complete that extra mile in case you’ve very weak arms. Strength training in the arms area can give the optimal support that’s required for maintaining strong legs.

4) Strong core is vital for minimizing risks

Well, that’s the thing with running. More often than not, people face injuries and a weak upper body means a weak spine. The weak spine will add to the injury making it all the more serious. Thus, having a strong upper body accelerates strong spine which helps minimize the risk of injuries. Even if you face injuries, they wouldn’t be serious or major ones!

5) Well developed abs add strength to your spine

A strong spine is vital for good runners and if you’re planning for Marathon training, a strong spine is a “Must-Have” for you. Good upper body strength directly supports your spine and strengthens the back muscles of your body thus helping you in running more efficiently!

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