Run or Not to Run During Your Menstrual Cycle?


Women who run or jog will certainly be faced with a situation where you have to run during the menstrual cycles. As painful as it may be at times, the good thing is that there is no need of stopping the training or running just because you’re on your periods. Do you know that world records have been achieved by women during their menstrual cycles!

Yeah, there could be side effects of menstruation affecting the performance one way or another since you have to deal with all those cramps, unstable mood swings, and feeling of bloating which can have an impact!

But the best thing to do would be to just go running! If you think about it, sweating will put out water which will take care of the bloating. It will also lessen the pain during cramps and may also end up decreasing the discomforts that are associated with menstruation cycles! So, even if you don’t feel like going for a run, it can actually end up making you feel better!

While there are great benefits of running during your periods, there are also certain disadvantages that might occur if proper care is not taken. Let’s take a look at both!


Working out and running during your menstrual cycles can actually help you stay in proper shape, and it can also aid in decreasing few of your PMS symptoms such as irritability, fatigue and even cramps. This could help you bear the period pains better. If you have a routine for running in place already, or if you are training for a marathon event, do not let menstruation bring you off the track. Though you may face some discomfort initially, your body will sync with the rhythm of running, and the period symptoms may even subside!


One drawback of running while on periods could be your lack of endurance you may experience while running. A recent study has found a link between the periodic cycles of a woman and the subsequent possibility of sports injuries, especially the ACL tears. The study has revealed that ACL tears are more likely to happen during the preovulatory stage of menstruation. This could be because of lack of motor control while you’re on your periods!

But that’s not a major thing to worry about. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your running doesn’t get affected while you’re on your periods!

  • Ensure that you are getting the perfect amount of calories your body needs for your training purposes and energy requirements!
  • Strike a balance between the right amount of whole grains, proteins, and carbohydrates! Carbohydrates are specifically necessary for marathon runners but you need to ensure they are complex carbohydrates from Vegetables and fruits!
  • Decrease the volume of your training. It is the most obvious and the most important thing to do. If you overdo it, you might be stressing your body. Decrease the training volume by half the time and let your body get back on track gradually thereafter!
  • Consume calcium supplements so that you will build strong bones that are also healthy while decreasing risks of osteoporosis.

Periods are just another part of life women who run have to deal with. But in reality, dealing with such issues don’t just make you a stronger woman but also a Powerful runner!

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