How Marathons have boosted ‘running culture’ in India

How Marathons have boosted

Marathons are on the rise. They have been the source behind the ‘running culture’ in India. But how many of you remember the Standard Chartered Mumbai marathon in 2004, the first edition of Mumbai Marathon? Not many such events had come up when this was organized. And just consider the number of such events today. The number of marathons in India has gone up to more than 130 giving the organizers more reasons to improve and facilitate their own standards to match those of international.

The Mumbai Marathon 2018 has broken all previous records with maximum registrations and the maximum amount of funds collected by NGOs facilitated by United Way, Mumbai amounting to more than 25 crores.

Mumbai Marathon – Boosting the running culture

The Mumbai Marathon has witnessed a sea change in terms of participation and standards. With a mere participation running into hundreds in 2004, the number has gone to an explosive figure of more than 15000 in 2018 when the registrations were forced to be capped by the organizers.  The growing participation can be seen in the following:

Full marathon

(No of Finishers)approx

Half Marathon

(No of Finishers)approx

2004 116 259
2010 600 6200
2014 2500 11000
2017 4500 12000

The introduction of the timing certification, 10K race and the prizes in the half marathon as well have all contributed to making the standards of the event more graceful and encouraging.

Why run a marathon?

Marathons are painful, time consuming and exhausting. Then what makes these crazy ones run the marathon. Well, it’s all in your mind and your body.  It is fitness first that makes running the marathon a primary cause.

Body Fitness

Running is taken as the first step towards fitness. Once you start running, you realize becoming fit, balancing the weight and relieving your stress.

Goal setting

People do tend to lose sight of their goals while managing the schedules and other things in life. Setting a goal for the 5K or the 10K in the upcoming events makes one start running.

Sense of Achievement

When you end up as a finisher, you are already a winner. You have left your pains and fear behind and conquered the hurdles.

Proper marathon training will make this venture more technical and smooth. With training, you are also ready to run the other marathons like Decathlon India Run, 7th Himalayan Running and Living XC Marathon, Freedom Run, Satara Hill Half Marathon, etc.

The Craze for the Satara Hill marathon

The marathon, organized through the hills in the Western Ghats is a dream for many. So high is the craze that the organizers are forced to cap down the registrations within a few hours of opening in the half marathon category.

Truly, it is the marathons that have boosted the runners and the running culture in the country.</br

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