Healthy Eating Tips for 21k Training


Preparing to run doesn’t stop at maintaining a fit body. It also depends largely on what you eat because as the old proverb says, “What you eat is what you are!” Expecting to run 21k without following a proper diet doesn’t work. Healthy eating is as important as maintaining a fit body for your 21k training. Here’s a small guide on what to eat and what to drink that’ll get your medal! Let’s get started!

First things first!

Before we get down to explaining what to eat and what not to eat, let’s first get the basics right! As a runner who’s preparing for 21k training, you need to consume more calories than what you’re buring. For every 1 mild of running, your body is losing close to 100 calories on an average. So if you’re running on a treadmill for 4 miles, you’re approximately buring 400 calories. After a point, you’ll start feeling dizzy or faint because the calories your food gave you were all burnt in the process of running. If you wish to be a successful 21k runner, you got to practice more! And what would you need to practice more? You’d need more energy! In other terms, you need to eat more calories than what you burn for running well. Read on some healthy eating tips that are going to be helpful for your 21k training.

1) Add more complex carbohydrates to your normal diet

Complex carbohydrates are those which take more time for burning. To put it in other words, it means that complex carbohydrates release more than the normal carbohydrates and thus it’s the best solution for runners Asif so that seems heavy on the stomach but will fulfill your calorie intake needs. Complex carbohydrates are found in brown rice, whole wheat bread, peanut butter and all raw vegetables. Adding a cup full of vegetable salad to your diet will add the extra amount of carbs to your body which will accelerate your workout sessions.

2) Don’t compromise on the intake of iron content

Deficiency of iron content in the body can drain your energy and make you feel extremely anemic. It also leads to the low immune body leaving you very susceptible to infection. Thus you need to consume a good amount of iron content directly or indirectly. The best source to get your part of the iron content is to chop and eat fresh greens. Sugarcane juice, chia seeds are also high in iron content and you should definitely take that to keep up the iron content of your body.

3) Drink lots of water

Running drains your energy off leaving your body dehydrated. After the workout, it’s very important that you drink sufficient water to keep up the water levels of your body. Water needn’t necessarily mean just the water. Drinking fresh fruit juices is also a means of keeping your body hydrated. Have a bottle of water in your workout bag at all times so you don’t forget to drink sufficient water.

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