Common Running Fears And How To Defeat Them

Running fears

‘Running is 90% mental activity’ goes the famous saying. Any fear in the mind might act as the roadblock in your performance. A major chunk of such fear can be related to any injury or bad performance on the tracks while training or practicing for the events or for marathon training. Such fear could act as obstacles to your mind. In such cases, even simple activities like running could be much difficult. It is always better to explore ways on how to overcome running fears rather than avoiding them.

Common Running Fears

As said, it is all in your head. Overcoming your fears is highly essential before you run the tracks. Running is a game where you are the equipment yourself, unlike other sports like the cricket or hockey. So you need to put in your mind to work. Let us see some of the most common fears and how to deal with them.

Fear of injuries and accidents

This is the most common fear that one might have before running a big event, especially the marathon. In most of the cases, it is related to some workout accidents on the fields. But you really have to overcome this fear. Talk to your doctor and physiotherapist to know if you are fit for the race. Once certified by them, you should be sure that such injuries might not be repeated. Analyze what went wrong the previous time and work on that.

Fear of failure in 10k/21k

Marathons of this nature might be considered impossible to many runners. The best way to overcome such a fear is to practice in a simulated condition. But in case, you get to know mid-way of your incapacity to come out with flying colors, then it is better to shift your focus. You can now think of the satisfaction derived from running the marathon. So go ahead and complete it instead of leaving it midway.

Fear of being a misfit

Such a fear arises when one is undertrained for the event. In such cases, instead of regret over the situation, you should better focus on adjusting your goals. Keep lesser expectations from the event and be more realistic about it.

Fear of taking the first step

Taking the first step needs proper motivation. The struggle then is lesser. Setting your running gears or even meeting your runner friend could help you here. Taking professional help motivates you further.

Summarizing Words

The best way to overcome your fears of running is to face it and run. ‘You should run to remove your fears’. It not only gives you that satisfaction of having completed the track event but also gives you a better outlook about self. It keeps you motivated for other episodes in life. ‘Running is a self-propelling sport.’ so overcome your running fears.

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