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10 Reasons Children Should Start Exercising From Early Age

A healthy child is a happy child. The importance of daily exercise and physical activities in the child is beyond any questioning. Often parents play a role model for the children for doing exercises and carrying out outdoor activities. But teachers and fitness educators can also help in creating awareness among the children with respect […]

Common Running Fears And How To Defeat Them

‘Running is 90% mental activity’ goes the famous saying. Any fear in the mind might act as the roadblock in your performance. A major chunk of such fear can be related to any injury or bad performance on the tracks while training or practicing for the events or for marathon training. Such fear could act […]

How Marathons have boosted ‘running culture’ in India

Marathons are on the rise. They have been the source behind the ‘running culture’ in India. But how many of you remember the Standard Chartered Mumbai marathon in 2004, the first edition of Mumbai Marathon? Not many such events had come up when this was organized. And just consider the number of such events today. […]

Gift Ideas for Runners

Running out of gift ideas for your runner buddy? Gifts for runners are always a tough thing to decide. Well, you really do not have to scratch your head for long. You would definitely like to give something that your friend will use during or after the long runs every day. The gift should be […]

12 Best Movies About Runners

Movies are among the best ways considered for inspiring the budding runners who need that kick of motivation to work hard and earn a name for them. A well made motivational running movie inspires the non-runners as well to excel in whatever field chosen. These are also good ways to pay tribute to the great […]

Milkha Singh and P.T. Usha: Running & Beyond

The two names, Milkha Singh aka ‘Flying Sikh’ and P.T.Usha, shine the brightest among the runners of India. Two have been pillars of the Track and Road Events representing the country in many international athletic meets including the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. Milkha Singh – The Flying Sikh Milkha Singh is among […]

Aspiring to run TMM2019? This is what you should do

Waiting for the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019? Get ready to participate in some adventure marathon with a purpose on the 20th of January 2019. The Tata Mumbai Marathon is considered amongst the top ten marathons across the World. The philanthropic event has more than 512NGOs supporting different causes associated with it. Proper marathon training should […]

Importance of Running Technique

Taking up running for the first time? Wait; take a minute to know the right running technique before you take up to running. Many consider running as a form of fast walking that comes naturally. They negate the entire set of movements done by the body. But running is more than just fast walking and […]

Why is Exercise Imperative for a Diabetic Person?

While exercise is great for everyone, it is especially mandatory for people suffering from diabetes. Statistics show that diabetic people who did not exercise regularly failed to have proper blood sugar level and also increased the chances of cardiovascular disorders. This is because while the muscles are active, they use up more glucose. So, no […]

13 Upcoming Marathons One Can Target in 2018-19

“If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon” says Emil Zatopek, the world-renowned long-distance runner. That is how powerful an experience of a marathon is! Running a marathon comes with a lot of life seasons! Most significantly the sense of accomplishment when you finish […]