Aspiring to run TMM2019? This is what you should do


Waiting for the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019? Get ready to participate in some adventure marathon with a purpose on the 20th of January 2019. The Tata Mumbai Marathon is considered amongst the top ten marathons across the World. The philanthropic event has more than 512NGOs supporting different causes associated with it. Proper marathon training should be taken up by the aspirants before registering for the event. It is also necessary to get a clear picture to make your registration process simpler.

Timing certificate is the only criteria for an entry to the half marathon race category of the Tata Mumbai marathon 2019.

Few guidelines with respect to the timing certificate: 

  • You must have participated in a running event within a period of 18 months preceding the marathon.
  • Qualifying timing for the distances- Only marathon-42.195 km; half marathon – 21.095 and 10 km should match those prescribed by the organizers against gender and age.
  • The course should have been measured by an accredited IAAF-AIMS measurer or by a local state athletic association representative using a GPS measurement.
  • Runners are timed using the RFID technology.
  • Participants in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K, and the TCS World 10K Bangalore qualify directly for the TATA Mumbai Marathon.

Participation in the TMM 2019 will give you leverage only when you have undergone proper fitness training. So there is more work to do rather than just waiting for the registration dates.


Here’s a clear picture of how you can participant in Half Marathon at Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019. During the time of registering for 21k (Half Marathon), you will have to provide your timing certificate link in the registration form.

TATA Mumbai Marathon is quite a glamorous event for which several people aspire to register and many of them do it without any practice. This causes a hindrance for serious runners who have practiced long to stay fit and healthy apart from participating in this event. And to those who may land up in an injury during the run. Also, when you run without adequate practice you run a risk to your health and create a hassle for event organizing teams not just for Mumbai Marathon but for any running event.

Considering the above & to filter such registrations, event organizers have kept this criteria/precondition that an aspiring participant should have participated in some running event and completed the same, before the registration for the event begins, for which an online certificate should be available.

Timing certificate is nothing but your 10K (or 21K) timing at a marathon which is equipped with timing technology to track your run.

Officially, there are only 3 official qualifiers for TMM as per their website.

  1. The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon
  2. The Tata Steel Kolkata 25k
  3. The TCS World 10K Bengaluru

But, TMM has approved below mentioned races’ timing certificate in the past for all aspiring runners of Mumbai who has participated in one of the other events. Though one can never argue that below-mentioned races are actually TMM qualifiers. TMM has the right and authority to reject or deny any of these mentioned races timing certificates as per their terms.

Date Marathon 21K 10K
25-Mar-18 Pennant Kalyan Dombivali Marathon -2018 YES YES
25-Mar-18 ICT Marathon 2018 YES
25-Mar-18 Pro India Run 10K Challenge Navi Mumbai YES
25-Mar-18 ICT Green Marathon 2018 YES
21-Apr-18 Pink Midnight Marathon YES YES
29-Apr-18 Bandra 10K – 3rd Edition YES
10-Jun-18 JNM Qualifier Half Marathon YES
24-Jun-18 Tarblazer 21.1 YES YES
15-Jul-18 Lightning Feet Juhu Runathon-2018 YES

We request all the runners to run at least two to three of the above marathons so that they are sure of completing the race as per their timing criteria.

Here are the last year’s timing criteria for TMM.

Training for the event

A successful marathon training program would require consistently putting in enough weakly mileage to get your body accustomed to the long-running period. This calls for strength training as well. You may start with a total of 25-30 km in a week and gradually go up to the 60 km a week if you are a first-timer or a beginner in the marathons. But in case you are an experienced person, you can still start with 50 km a week to about 80 km a week.

Increase strength

Your marathon training will primarily consist of weekly long runs that gradually increase the distances to build on your strength. The muscles, bones, heart, lungs all get accustomed to the requirements of the long-running periods and are ready for the event. Try out a long distance run one month prior to the big day.

Diet and sleep is a must

Diet and sleep should also be taken care of when you are readying yourself for such a marathon. Take expert guidance here.

Final words

Running the marathon could be very exciting and adventurous to many. But the preparations and training could be strenuous and could cause fatigue demotivating you further. But an expert trainer can guide you properly on the fitness, training, diet and also on the running gears and accessories. So get the required marathon training before registering for it.

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