5 Ways to overcome your first race fears

first race fears

You’ve been training for a while and you’re all set to run your first marathon! But then once you’ve made your mind, you have some little fears doubting if you really can do it. Well, a little amount of fear is always good! That’s what keeps you going and this fear of failure at the beginning is really a good source of motivation for you to perform better by training yourself better. The first marathon running fears have been faced by every great runner the world is aware of! So, first of all, let us tell you that it’s perfectly normal. Now, will this fear come in your way of getting that trophy or not is something that depends on how you face your running fears. Here are top 5 ways to which you can say bye to your first race fears! Read on!

1) Stop thinking that you can’t run that far

The most common fear every first runner has is doubting if one can run that far. This is more like a mental blockage you’ve created for yourself which will spoil the game for you. Stop doubting your capabilities. If you’ve trained enough and you’re fit for it physically, you can absolutely run for long distances. You’d have run more than that on your treadmill but running on the actual ground seems quite a big deal for many people. But just think of it this way – Why would it be difficult for you to run far distances in actual when you’ve anyway done that on a treadmill? Remove the fear and get your training started!

2) Never think that you’re not ready

Even the best performers often think that they are not ready. Well, no one is every totally ready for anything! Everything’s got a start and you have yours too! It’s totally okay to think that you’re not ready for a moment. But learn to bounce back with confidence. You’re really ready after all the training sessions and workouts you’ve done!

3) Set up a race environment and treat it like a preparatory

This is something that top runners have done and have been doing. There will be friends who you know are also going to take part in the race. So, try to set up a real race environment just like the school preparatory happen before the board exams. This is the best way to beat the first running blues!

4) The training you’ve had is really good enough!

Almost all first-time runners think that their training isn’t good enough. Well, it happens with everyone. We humans always think that we aren’t prepared or we aren’t ready and our brain tells us reasons why we aren’t prepared and we tend to blame it all on our training! Trust me, your training is really good enough if you’ve trained decent enough.

5) Eat well and feel prepared

Overcome the fear of feeling weak by eating healthy food and maintain a balanced diet. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated so that you won’t feel sluggish or weak. Be prepared physically first which will help in combating the mental fears!

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