13 Upcoming Marathons One Can Target in 2018-19

upcoming marathons

“If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon” says Emil Zatopek, the world-renowned long-distance runner. That is how powerful an experience of a marathon is!

Running a marathon comes with a lot of life seasons! Most significantly the sense of accomplishment when you finish something as hard as a marathon. Don’t we all love feeling good about ourselves?
Marathons have a great effect on the psychology of a runner.

  • You start learning to embrace the obstacles that come your way since you already know that they are inevitable!
  • You will learn to push your limits. You will end up doing more than you thought you would. Your goal setting becomes all the more efficient.
  • You will learn to believe in yourself more.

However, a little proactive approach will ensure you don’t end up in a soup. It is wise if you plan your marathons well ahead of time. Mainly because you can plan your leaves and holidays when the time isn’t ticking, and that would help you position your marathon perfectly for you!

And not just the dates, you should also choose your marathon, and you should do that by taking into consideration the time frame, your abilities and the time you would need to prepare for the event.

To make it easy for you to choose, here’s a list of upcoming marathons in 2018-19 all Mumbaikars can plan and target for. The registration dates will be approaching soon and we suggest you book it as soon as the registration opens.

1. Tarblazer (Event date – 24th June 2018)
Tarblazer arrives in monsoon.It will take place at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, Maharashtra. This is a good event to kick-start your calendar.

2. Ladakh Marathon (Event date – 9th September 2018)
This one is easily the highest marathon ever in the world. How about running amid a tranquil natural marvel? If you plan to register, we’d suggest you reach Ladakh a week early as you must acclimatize to the weather owing to oxygen levels & extreme climate conditions. Completing this marathon needs very high endurance levels.

3. Satara Marathon (Event Date – 2nd September 2018)
Satara Hill Half Marathon (SHHM) has made it to the Guinness world records with ‘most people in a single mountain run’ in a short span of time. The Western Ghats panoramic view qualifies it to be one of the most sought half marathons. The registration for Mumbaikars opens on 7th of April.

4. IDBI Mumbai Half Marathon (Event Date – 30th September 2018)
IDBI Mumbai conducts half marathon, 10 km (timed run) and 5 km (heritage run in Mumbai) at Bandra Kurla Complex.

5. IDBI Hyderabad Ultra Marathon (Event date – 5th November 2018)
The city of pearls is conducting its first ultramarathon promoted by NEB sports. The categories of this marathon are 50K, 25K, 12.5K & 5K.

6. Navy Marathon (Event Date – 18th November 2018)
The Indian Navy organizes navy marathon every year on Navy Day.An ideal Half Marathon for you to target in Mumbai.

7. Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (Event Date – 18th November 2018)
Airtel Delhi Half Marathon has been organizing marathons since 2005. This is one of the major marathons and is one of the best reasons to visit the National Capital of India.

8. Vasai Virar Marathon (Event Date – 9th December 2018)
VVMM (Vasai-Virar Mayor’s Marathon) happens just at the beginning of winter in Mumbai. The scenic setting of Vasai & Virar and the participation of various athletes and famed actors have made it more popular among runners.

9. Goa River Marathon (Event Date – 9th December 2018)
The setting of Goa River Marathon is along the Zuari River which not only makes it a picturesque run but also one of the most sought marathons of India. Yet another reason to visit Goa for Mumbaikars?

10. TMM
The Tata Mumbai Marathon has everything that a marathoner should target for. It is also the only marquee event in entire Asia with approximately 50000 people registering in all categories. Try not to miss this!

marathonP.S. What are you waiting for? Choose your marathon & start preparing now!


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