10 Reasons Children Should Start Exercising From Early Age


A healthy child is a happy child. The importance of daily exercise and physical activities in the child is beyond any questioning. Often parents play a role model for the children for doing exercises and carrying out outdoor activities. But teachers and fitness educators can also help in creating awareness among the children with respect to exercises. It is also required for the parents to realize the ways for fitness development for kids. It is more important to the more growing interaction with technology, urbanized living, and academic pressures.

Why children should exercise from an early age

Works on Muscle strength

Exercise helps improve the muscle strength of children. This, in turn, reduces the risk of injury in the children. Stronger muscles keep them healthy and agile and besides giving them a fit body.

Works on Body Fat

Routine exercises and physical activities help in burning calories keeping a check on the childhood obesity. It also keeps the body weight under control and distributes the fat evenly.

Helps maintain a steady, healthy weight

Physical activities help in maintaining a steady weight that could get jeopardized by the sedentary behaviors like watching TV and playing mobile games. This also prevents the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.

Works on the Cardiovascular Capacity

Exercising in the early ages leads to a healthy heart and lungs. It also prevents hypertension that might develop during childhood. Heart diseases and blood pressures are also under control when the child is into physical activities.

Builds stronger bones

The period just before the teen years till the mid-20s is the crucial time for the building of bones when they grow to their maximum thickness. Weight-bearing exercises like running games, jumping the rope, etc during this period helps in preventing the onset of osteoporosis.

Reduces depression and anxiety

Physical activities contribute to reducing the feeling of depression or anxieties in children as well as adults. It improves the frame of mind.

Improves Concentration

Physical exercises relax the mind and body of the children making them concentrate better in studies and other activities. The mental focus and cognitive skills improve.

Enhances Energy Levels

Physical activities and exercises stimulate the energy levels with the improved circulation and blood flow. The flow of more oxygen and essential nutrients in the body makes the child feel attentive with increased energy levels throughout the day.

Augments self-esteem

The increase in strength augments the self-esteem of the child. He becomes more confident and is conscious of his image.

Improves emotional response

Physical activities requiring a higher degree of balance and coordination lead to improved emotional responses by the child.

The parents need to see that children and exercise go hand in hand in order to save them from many ailments at a later stage of life.

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